We know what home feels like.

Home feels the same to everyone, but it looks a little different to each of us.

Evenflow Interiors is a full service design firm with decades of experience perfecting the custom spaces our clients call home. We have a keen eye, and a sharp ear.  Other designers may listen to their clients, but we have a gift for truly hearing their vision.

We all have our “happy place” list - the stuff we rattle off when we talk about our dream home. It’s those little things that make you happy. Like the comfort of snuggling up under a soft, heavy blanket in the perfect chair by the fireplace. Or the feeling of relief every time you step into a hot bath in a long clawfoot tub. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of feeling organized and tidy everytime you walk into the mudroom that separates your home from the garage.

You can afford to experience the pride and contentment of living in your dream home.

It’s in your reach, and you’re worth it. After all, you work hard for your home. Shouldn’t your home work hard for you?

There’s nothing like the feeling of something that fits you perfectly. Like a pair of perfectly broken-in boots, your best jeans or your favorite pair of slippers. Invest in what puts you in that happy place. Because any space is just a space until it feels like home.

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